What's in a Name?

What’s in a name?

You might remember that famous line from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Juliet is expressing her frustration that their love is hindered by their feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets, who are opposed To their relationship based solely on their names. She offers "That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." Juliet is pleading with her family to see past Romeo’s given name and appreciate his true heart at character.

As my Italian partner reminds me, “molto” means so much more than “very.” In fact, there are several English words that can be used to express all that “molto” offers. You can read the long list at the end of this post. As a business creator, in creating a brand, I am a big fan of two-syllable, single words. Of course, one hopes that word captures the mission, or brand ambition, you have for your company. You will know us by our customer focus. Our Team are committed to delivering a high-level of service. We see to partner with manufacturers that exceed our expectations, ensuring that we may do the same with our customers. And, each day, we strive to serve you better.

There are many attributes that form the selection criteria for the products we seek to offer our customers. Chief among these attributes is the “engineered fit and finish.” Our products are engineered to fit better. Europeans consider cabinets furniture. In the US, cabinets are a component installed in a kitchen, for example. Much changes when you design a product, like a cabinet, with  the intention of the customer taking that cabinet to their next home. A base cabinet becomes more than a box sitting on your kitchen floor. For instance,one might give that cabinet legs.

Our manufacturers assemble your kitchen or bath in their plant before shipping it to the States. This ensures that all parts are accounted for and that they adhere to the requirements set by our customer. In the US, we design kitchens based on SKUs. That is not a criticism but it is a fact. A design based on SKUs expects the kitchen to conform to the product list. MOLTO kitchens and bathrooms conform to our clients’ kitchen or bathroom “MOLTO can indicate a degree that is more than expected.” If we had to capsulize our mission, these words would capture it. Exceeding our clients expectations by learning from our Italian partners committed to advancing their craft.


The word "molto" in Italian is a versatile adverb that has multiple uses and meanings. Here are some of its common uses:

1. Very/Very much: "Molto" is often used to express a high degree or
intensity of something. For example:
a. È molto bello! (It's very beautiful!)
b. Ho molto sonno. (I'm very sleepy.)

2. A lot/Many: "Molto" can indicate a large quantity or number. For
a. Ci sono molti studenti nella classe. (There are many students
in the class.)
b. Ho comprato molte mele. (I bought a lot of apples.)

3. Much/Many: "Molto" can also convey an abundance or extent of
something. For example:
a. Ho molto lavoro da fare. (I have much work to do.)
b. C'è molto traffico oggi. (There's a lot of traffic today.)

4. Often/Oftentimes: In some contexts, "molto" can imply frequency or
repetition. For example:
a. Vado al cinema molto spesso. (I go to the movies often.)
b. Mangio la pizza molto volentieri. (I gladly eat pizza often.)

5. Quite/Rather: In certain cases, "molto" can indicate a degree that is
more than expected or typical, but less than "very." For example:
a. È un ragazzo molto intelligente. (He's quite intelligent.)
b. Il film è stato molto interessante. (The movie was rather

6. Adverbial Phrases: "Molto" can also form adverbial phrases by
combining with other words. For example:
a. Molto bene (very well)
b. Molto presto (very soon)
c. Molto lontano (very far)

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