John “Mickey” McRoberts

Throughout his life, Mickey's most successful career endeavors have been profoundly influenced by his most enduring personal relationships.  Those bonds have led him along a winding and often adventurous path of triumphs and challenges.  While he will tell you his successes have buoyed his confidence he would also tell you that, just as importantly, his shortfalls have tempered his determination.

Summers during high school and college were always spent working (and “burning the candle at both ends!”):  lifeguarding, construction laborer, concrete finisher and UPS pre-dawn “pre-loader”.  Along the way, medical school had been seriously considered and then nixed.  Marriage happened and naturally brought with it way more responsibility.  Thinking construction could be his future he took a position as an Assistant Superintendent with a Canadian development company.  It wasn’t long and serendipity delivered a heady (more like “over my head”) offer from one of his mentors. It was an offer he could not refuse: an opportunity to run a fledgling medical manufacturing company, albeit from the seat of his pants!  This evolved into an extraordinary 30+ year, multi-faceted adventure, primarily in the Orthopaedic implant business (human & veterinary) spanning sales, education, distribution and manufacturing.  Forgoing the security of a salary & benefits, these are the years Mickey learned the rewards of calculated risk taking.

Mickey has a passion for detail, whether it’s practicing his culinary skills for his friends, growing flowers and vegetables, or engaged in a building or remodeling project he knows how to get the job done right.  He has built numerous doctors’ offices and (4) personal residences.  Several years ago, after leaving the medical business for good, it was the perfect time for him to get into in the world of real estate with a longer range goal of identifying, acquiring and assembling properties ripe for redevelopment.

Through a fortuitous real estate encounter with wonderful Italian couple (immigrated from Rome, 2008; US citizens 2022!), a very meaningful friendship began.  Over the course of the next 2 years, key introductions were made, essential manufacturing connections were cultivated, regular Zoom and face-to-face meetings ensued, and soon the nucleus of a corporate team to import superior quality Italian-designed and Italian-crafted home furnishings and cabinetry came together.  It is a real thrill to imagine the future of this commitment and the joy this effort will bring to its Customers.