Felicita Mazza

Felicita was born in Italy a little more than half a century ago, and there also she grew up surrounded by the timeless beauty of Rome, the Eternal City.

In 1991 she completed her studies graduating Summa Cum Laude from University of Rome -La Sapienza- with a Bachelor’s in Finance and a Master’s degree in Economics.

Soon after, she became the blessed mom of two beautiful kids within two years, that she had the privilege to support in every step of their growth, watching them blossom into the two amazing young men that they have become.

With a natural knack for understanding people, Felicita possesses the rare ability to recognize potential in individuals who may not fit traditional molds. She seeks out those who possess a spark of creativity, a hunger for exploration, and a passion for pushing boundaries. 

 Felicita understands the transformative power of visionary designers. She recognizes that true innovation arises from the fusion of fresh perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her mission is to assemble a team of talented individuals who can collaborate harmoniously, challenge conventions, and drive the boundaries of creativity forward.

In the past decade, Felicita has had the privilege of working with renowned designers, startups, and creative individuals from around the globe. Her network of industry professionals and thought leaders enables her to stay at the forefront of emerging trends, ensuring that her team remains at the cutting edge of design innovation.

Connect the right individuals that can form a great team. Felicita’s mission is to bring together the destinies of capable people that otherwise would never have met.

Like a visionary talent maximizer, she loves to be the trait-union for gifted entrepreneurs that need one another to make their businesses grow beyond the borders of their home States.

All the people that work in and for MOLTO IMPORTS LLC come from different careers, industries, and countries, but they all have in common the same will to continue improving themselves.

We all share the same Mantra: “The best me is yet to come.